DEAR FRIENDS, we are heartbroken to report that Carol passed away on November 24th, 2019. She would want her music and songbooks to continue to bring joy to people around the world, so they will remain available on this website until existing inventory runs out.

A “Life Skills” Program for Children
And All Who Love Them

One of the Midwest’s most highly acclaimed Elementary School Assembly Programs, this is an educational, energetic, heartwarming participation program that draws forth, encourages, and celebrates the best in each of us. Self-esteem, respect for our earth and for each other, health of body and spirit, peace, cooperation, and just plain fun -- all are presented in the context of delightful lyrics, catchy tunes, humor and love. It is easily adaptable to libraries, churches, camps, etc. Carol accompanies with guitar, banjo and piano; it lasts about 50 minutes.

Self Esteem
Earth Awareness
Global Family
Health and Wholeness
Respect and Cooperation
Problem Solving
Positive Attitudes

THE CHILDREN love to sing along, echo, do movements, laugh, be silly, be contemplative, while gently but powerfully, through song, they are strengthened in the life skills so necessary to their well being. They also get to relate to a real singer, songwriter, recording artist in a personal way. (Songwriting workshops following a performance are offered.)

TEACHERS and PARENTS hear and appreciate the messages on their own, deeper, level. The songs are refreshing perspectives, tools for enhancing curriculums, for problem solving, for healing wounds, for triggering discussion -- and of course for good-time sing-alongs and musical programs. Many teachers report using Carol’s recordings in the classroom while doing art or projects.
Four recordings and three songbooks of Carol’s songs for children and families are available. See the Products page.

“This was an awesome program. I loved the integration of music and lessons.” (Teacher, Lake City, MI)
“What an excellent musician, performer and songwriter.....Outstanding in respect to quality of voice, ability as a guitarist and rapport with children; Unique in the giftedness of writing music.....I heartily applaud her as a performer for school assemblies.” (Elementary Principal, Cheboygan, MI)
“Carol spent two days with us.....assemblies, songwriting workshops, and an evening family concert. In all settings she was stellar!(Elementary Music Teacher, Montabella Schools, MI)
“Thank you for the terrific assemblies...teachers have remarked that they rate among the best...that we have had over the years!(Elementary Principal, Ionia, MI)

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