DEAR FRIENDS, we are heartbroken to report that Carol passed away on November 24th, 2019. She would want her music and songbooks to continue to bring joy to people around the world, so they will remain available on this website until existing inventory runs out.

Music for our Spiritual Journey


These are words commonly used to describe Carol’s inspirational concerts and presentations. Her songs lift us up in love and appreciation, and gently guide us to places of meditation and contemplation deep within. We come away softened, yet empowered; with joyful hearts, open minds, higher vision, and a deeper knowing of God within.

Carol’s own spiritual journey has been enriched by many sources. She is as receptive to the exciting discoveries of modern physics as she is to profound ancient wisdom and to new thought.
She has, in fact, a delightful way of bringing them all together.

She sings of farmers as well as angels; the wonder of a grain of sand as well as the Milky Way; the miracle of birth as well as the miracle of forgiveness. She honors the earth and all of life upon it. She honors the mind-body-spirit connection.

She believes in the power of prayer, the power of thought, the power of love and of laughter, the promise of peace, and in the inherent brilliance of every soul. Her songs take us beautifully to these places and many more.

“I want to be a bridge”, she says, “to help us cross over from that which keeps us small to that which frees us to our greatness”.

And she does.
And we do.


We are all blessed by you. Your talent and consciousness are so beautifully manifested in your music....You are healing the world through your music.(Ministers, Unity Church, Grand Rapids MI)
You and your music bless people you'll never even meet. Thank you for pursuing your potential.” (Columbus OH)
“(You) open the dams to many still places within the heart.... and help the currents of love to flow. Bless you always!” (Alto MI)
“You have “Million Dollar Music”, Carol... I saw such delight on faces of people of all ages...I now know why you have such devoted fans...I highly recommend your presentation to all my fellow ministers and others.” (Minister, Unity of Michiana IN)

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